Day 2: Winter Sowing Series

Enjoy today's video for the next step to take in How to Winter Sow. However, for safety reasons, please make sure YOU as the ADULT do this phase without the kids. Please make sure you read yesterday's post first, as all steps are sequential. Tomorrow? Winter Sowing Day 3.


Fairy Gardens -- Not Just for Girls!

I am all about creating memories with kids in the garden. I feel it is how we "embed" the "gardening code" into their lives so that they will grow up wanting to garden someday. One of my favorite memory-creating activities with my grandkids is providing a space for them to have miniature gardens, or as they are commonly called, Fairy Gardens. I put together a 4-5 minute video below to get you started. January and February is the perfect time to start planning for these miniature gardens and gathering what you need. When a nice warm day arrives in March or April, the kids will want to get outside to set up their gardens. Here are links to lihe resource books I mention in the video: Miniature Gardens by Katie Elzer-Peters; Fairy Gardening 101 by Fiona McDonald; Fairy World Crafts by Kathy Ross.


Dreams of the Spring Garden

A few weeks ago, I had my grandkids look at a few seed catalogs I get every year. One got the Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds catalog and the other got the West Coast Seeds catalog. I asked each to pick out five veggies they would like to grow this year. As expected, my granddaughter gravitated to the beets and peas section of the catalog, while my grandson went straight for the berries! I love that they each have their favorites (don't we all?) and that part of building the anticipation of gardening in the spring is this "dream" stage.  I mean, what else can you do when it is snowing and 30 degrees outside in January?

Have you had a chance to go to the Tools and Resources page of the website yet?  Check out information that will help you, especially if you are a beginning gardener. Today, I just posted a new resource, a quick 4-5 minute video on When to Plant Seeds.  Head on over to find your growing zone, frost dates, and links to growing guides, as well as calendars and other how-to videos in a beginning gardener series.


Start Gardening with your Kids!

I'm SO GLAD you joined me today! Whether you're a new gardener or an experienced one, I hope this is a place where you'll find some fun and easy ways to help you garden with your children! This is my first blog entry, and you may read it shortly after I launched this new website. I hope you will return often as I continue to add new entries, gardening resources, and great ideas on the topic of gardening with kids.  

I suspect you are already interested in fresh, organic food and try hard to serve healthy meals to your families! Great! You probably attend farmers markets or belong to a *CSA. If so, I encourage you to choose this year to take things to the next level by sharing the joy of growing YOUR OWN organic food with your kids! 

  • What could taste better than to grow fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs at home or as a part of a community garden?  
  • What better way to show kids where food comes from than to walk outside and pick it?
  • What better way to encourage our kids to embrace healthy eating habits than to model for them how much fun it can be to grow food together as a family?

That's how I started -- in my grandmother's garden (see About page for my story). I now garden with my own grandkids, and believe me, if I can do, YOU CAN DO IT! Today is January 3, and here in the Midwest, it's freezing cold. But it's time to start planning for the growing season ahead.

Sooooo, are you ready? Let's get growing?

*CSA (Community Sustained Agriculture)