In the Garden with Grandma is a website devoted to helping families, beginning gardeners, and anyone gardening with children to Grow the Gardeners of Tomorrow. It's also a place where families are encouraged to unplug their devices, and together, plug into Mother Nature instead! Please follow Jan on both Instagram and Facebook (links at bottom of page).

In a recent interview on The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener podcast, the hosts asked me why it is important to garden with children. Listen to the complete interview, where I also give suggestions on how to keep children engaged in gardening when technology seems to be pulling them away from the outdoors.

Beginning gardeners, parents/grandparents, homeschoolers and teachers, my hope is that you will find what you're looking for to build a lifetime of memories while growing your own organic food, especially with the children in your lives. Learn fun and creative ways to learn and pass on the life-long love of gardening to the next generation. 

In the Garden with grandma is a place where i will help you . . . 

  • Learn how easy it is to grow your own food. Feel good about what you feed your family!

  • Share with your family the special relationship between soil, plants, and other living creatures.

  • Connect the dots between the garden and the table to show kids where our food comes from.

  • Instill in the next generation a lifelong love of gardening and reveal what a magical place the garden can be!

I hope you'll join me!  Let's Get Growing!


Jan is a mother, grandmother, gardener, and teacher, and avid winter sower with over 30 years of experience with K-12 students.  Her love of gardening began in her own grandmother's garden.  Learn more About Jan and how In the Garden with Grandma can help YOU!  Read Jan's Blog and check out the Tools & Resources page. Connect with me on Facebook and Instagram (links below).