Fairy Gardens -- Not Just for Girls!

I am all about creating memories with kids in the garden. I feel it is how we "embed" the "gardening code" into their lives so that they will grow up wanting to garden someday. One of my favorite memory-creating activities with my grandkids is providing a space for them to have miniature gardens, or as they are commonly called, Fairy Gardens. I put together a 4-5 minute video below to get you started. January and February is the perfect time to start planning for these miniature gardens and gathering what you need. When a nice warm day arrives in March or April, the kids will want to get outside to set up their gardens. Here are links to lihe resource books I mention in the video: Miniature Gardens by Katie Elzer-Peters; Fairy Gardening 101 by Fiona McDonald; Fairy World Crafts by Kathy Ross.