The Joy of Growing Food with Children

New Beginnings! Today is the first day of school for my grandkids. It's always such an exciting day! My daughter is a teacher, as I was, so there's a definite rhythm we fall into and feel in our souls this time of year. 

I know I have done my part this season to share healthy, organic food with our family all summer long, to teach them even more about how to grow their own food, and to provide lots of fun when they come over to play in the garden and pick food they can eat right off the vine.

There is also a certain nostalgia that kicks in about now. The days are slowly growing shorter by 2-3 minutes each and every day, but the plants remain at their very lushest and most abundant stage. Mother Nature is putting out her very best efforts, and it shows. Both She and We Gardeners know what is waiting right around the corner in our part of the country -- autumn's chill, the first frost, and then the snows of Winter. Walking around the yard at twilight is often a bitter sweet endeavor, a reminder that Summer is soon coming to an end.

Endings and Beginnings. The rhythm and joy of life. 

Garden Vegetables Picked This Morning

Garden Vegetables Picked This Morning